Landscaping Terms & Conditions


1. When applicable - a mobilisation payment of (an agreed) % is payable upon work commencing. Staged payment details will then be agreed with client covering another (agreed) %. Payment of the final (agreed) % is only to be made following satisfactory completion agreed upon by the client & Birch Gardens and payable within 7 days of our invoice.

For payment please make cheques payable to Birch Gardens.

For B.A.C.S – please use Sort Code 09-01-56. Acc. No. 2527 7481.


2. Price to remain fixed for 30 days of receipt of the original estimate only if exact materials and labour costs are agreed upon. Acceptance within this time frame will ensure no increase in the cost of the works specifically specified in the original estimate.


3. Birch Gardens will ensure that at all times; dust and disturbance to the surrounding houses will be kept to a minimum. No work will be allowed on site before 8:00 AM and after 6:00 PM during weekdays and no weekend work will be allowed unless otherwise agreed with the client.


4. The client shall provide water, electricity at no charge to Birch Gardens during normal working hours and access & storage space for materials during the contract progress.


5. Birch Gardens is not able to accept responsibility for any damage to (or cost involved with) any underground hazards, obstructions or services not made known to us verbally, in writing or apparent on visual inspection.


6. The client reserves the right to cancel. We reserve the right, however, to retain all, or part of, any advance payments or to request payments owing in respect of work already carried out.


7. Any addition and/or alterations to the schedule shall be properly treated as variations and subject to written instructions.


8. All or any special conditions of which Birch Gardens have been informed are noted in the estimate. It is very important and the responsibility of the Client to ensure we are made aware of any special/statutory Bylaws/Conditions/Permissions that may be involved.


9. We accept no responsibility for works that have been carried out on land that is not under the ownership of the client and it is assumed that all planning laws or regulations have been applied before commencement of any works.


10. Wood is a natural product and will be subject to variation, natural movement, potential splitting and colour changes etc. This is not a fault, but a natural occurrence within the fibers of a natural product. We will advise you on how to keep the product in a consistent, stable condition to minimise these effects. If you are not prepared to accept these conditions, you should consider installing a different product. 


11. We are not able to accept responsibility for the well-being and maintenance of living plant material, including turf, following practical substantial completion unless a maintenance contract is in existence.


12. If necessary, we reserve the right to substitute any plant with another of equal value and growth/habitat/colour.


13. Before, during and after practical substantial completion we are not able to accept responsibility for any damage through the elements, including flood, drought, winds, rain and frost. Upon practical substantial completion the responsibility for the care and watering of all plants, lawns, etc., is handed over to the client and will require regular attention until established.


14. All schedules of works are subject to delay. Severe weather conditions, including drought, may cause the delay of the start date of the contract and affect any previously arranged schedule of works.


15. Delays caused by any other companies on or off site may cause work to be rescheduled.


16. All materials on site remain the property of Birch Gardens until payment is received in full.


17. The client will be responsible for all payments to Birch Gardens unless otherwise notified in writing prior to commencement.


18. All debris will be disposed of according to local bylaws. The site will be left in good, clean order.


19. Maintenance is not included in the contract unless specified.


20. Errors and Omissions Excepted.

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