The Compact Courtyard



To reinvigorate an established but overgrown narrow back garden with 2 very distinct areas. Extensively prune and where necessary - remove. Revamp the seating area at the bottom - making it a destination again. Retain the pond - a frog hotel! - and the previous owners charm (see cherubs!) Open up the top area to be more practical and make room for raised beds in the future.

Refresh the entrance path and reintroduce some new planting.



A new sandstone circle feature patio extending around the pond. A stepping stone path set into a new lawn, a new gravel drying area with period edging, new sandstone step & informal sandstone paths.



A Pavestone 2.7m dia. 2 ring Modak sandstone circle with squaring off kit. 3.6sqm of Modak sandstone paving. 16 Timberstone wood effect stepping stones in Coppice Brown. Reclaimed slate and sandstone step & edging. The stone from an old school in Falkirk said our reccy guy! Bradstone Sawtooth brick effect edging. Pavestone Pointfix Buff jointing compound. 20mm Golden Gravel on Terram 1000 weed suppressant fabric.

Planting - Cotinus Coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ Smoke Tree & Choisya Ternata Mexican Orange Blossom.


Location & Time

Pollokshields, Glasgow.

Phase 1 - The Bottom Half Late June 2018

Phase 2 - The Top Half Late August 2018




Richard Birch Gardens

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