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Our Latest Garden Build



After years of the family dog owning the patchy muddy front & back gardens - the decision was made to remove the vegetation entirely and start again. But they still had to be gardens - so at the front – small accent planting beds were created to break up the gravel & at the back - the planting was consolidated into a large raised planter – deep enough for veg & with a trellis back for climbers. Lighting also had to feature in the back garden to make the space safe to access at night. And as the lawnmower isn’t needed anymore – bin the shed!



A theme using the same paving/gravel/edging combination was created for both front & back gardens. Natural stone paving with a recycled brick edge at the front & tumbled block edging at the back with golden gravel replacing the grass at the front and accenting the hard standings at the back. A raised sleeper bed with trellis backing, new singled sided partition fencing, a low voltage LED lighting system integrated into the house with a control switch at the back door. A new gate was also installed at the front.  



Natural Paving Old York Cragstone Sandstone Flags


Acheson & Glover Country Cobble Block Edging in Cashel


Golden Gravel 20mm


Low Voltage LED Brick Lights


Expertly installed by…


Everedge Classic Steel Edging


Everedge Circular Steel Edging


Pavetuf Jointing Compound in Buff



Prunus Kiku-Shidare-Zakura

Helleborus Dutch

Skimmia J. Rubella




Location & Time

Kelvindale, Glasgow.

November – December 2018






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