What's in a name?

You would be forgiven for thinking that being a gardener - I chose the name Birch because of the tree or - for those of a certain vintage - to get near the front of the Yellow Pages. It is in fact my other surname & was given to me in memory of my Grandfather - Alfred George Birch Neesham - an art teacher and hoarder of nuts, bolts and string. It goes back to George Birch III - my Great, Great, Great Uncle who served at Waterloo. He only had a daughter so his sister passed his name & medal on through her son.* It was bequeathed to me after my Grandmother passed away - revealing the story.  

Years past where I never really acknowledging the name - then in 2003 - after being made redundant from an apparently established garden company - I tied a shovel and a brush to my bike and cycled round the doors of the clients that had just been left gardener-less. My experience had up until then always been with a team backed up with equipment but fortunately enough clients said yes and from those humble beginnings I began cutting grass with the clients lawnmowers and moving bark in wheelie bins. From there I learnt quickly - combining my formal training as an industrial designer, furniture maker and fellow hoarder of bits (thanks Granpappy!) to grow (ha!) the company to what it is now - and with some close friends advice - convincing me that Birch would be the perfect name for the company. 


*As my elder relatives didn't do a lot of talking when alive - I am currently attempting to confirm the exact history of my family tree and will update this tale in due course.


Richard John Birch Miller. February 2018.


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